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What gets
you up in the morning?

01_What give you energy when you think about doing?

Nope, not the blue pill. Believe in the power of finding a shared purpose that complements our vision at Artmonad, while aligning with your career aspirations, yes!

02_Are you ready to join our company?

Are you ready to not only change the world but also leave a lasting positive impact on the Earth?

03_we are actively seeking individuals who are drawn to this transformative 3D VR XR energy.

If you discover that your skills, values, and ambitions align with ours, we urge you to reach out to us without delay.

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Positions & Ikigai in practice

VR software engineers

AI based VR software

AR software engineers

AI based AR software

Web3 Developers

Smart Contract

Junior 3D Artist


Marketing Manager

Full Flexibility

Sales Manager


What is Ikigai in practice

Finding Meaning