How can artists get royalties on resale?

Artmonad will soon introduce secure certificates of title and authenticity in a digitized format, utilizing encrypted smart contracts to record these certificates on the blockchain.

All this without complicated cryptocurrencies, the platform offers and will offer exactly the same convenience of using regular currencies like $ dollars or € euros for transactions (or cryptocurrencies if prefered). With each resale of the artwork, the certificate seamlessly transfers to the new buyer, subject to a mutually agreed-upon commitment. This ensures for each resale that 7% of the transaction value will be remitted to the talented artist responsible for creating the artwork, while Artmonad receives 3%.

How can artists get commission on other artists' artworks?

Artmonad stands out as one of the most versatile and expandable Affiliate network available, boasting unique 3D capabilities. Our platform offers two Affiliate Commissions:

  • Artwork Sales Commission: Earn a 5% commission whenever an artist sells their artwork through a buyer coming from your gallery or an affiliate link we will provide.
  • Artist Referral Commission: Enjoy a generous $120 commission when you successfully refer another artist to join our innovative 3D network.
Through these captivating commission structures, Artmonad not only empowers artists to showcase and sell their creations within an immersive 3D environment but also honors them as esteemed ‘affiliates’ for their active participation and valuable contributions to the network’s growth, ultimately aiding them in achieving greater sales. Experience the limitless possibilities of Artmonad and become a part of our flourishing community today.

Can an artist have followers?

Collectors may follow an Artist and will receive notification from that artist activities. You must develop your followers as you certainly do with social media. Overall, your 3D Art Gallery followers will play a crucial role in building you a strong online presence, fostering collectors loyalty, and finally driving sales. High number of followers is a very valuable asset for any 3D Art Gallery and Artist.

How do we manage the 3D gallery?

Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency with our advanced dashboard management solution. You will be able to manage your gallery like a real E-commerce Art Gallery but this time in 3D.

Can we set up guided tours?

This extraordinary feature is seamlessly integrated into your 3D Art Gallery. Collectors, students, or anyone with an interest can join with just one click and have you guide them through your captivating 3D Art Gallery experience.


Participants can easily follow your screen, and vice versa, enabling everyone to interact via video. Trying to share such a rich multimedia 3D Gallery through regular screen-sharing platforms like Skype or Zoom would not yield desirable results. Instead, each participant remains within their own viewer of the gallery, with video bubbles of all others overlaid on top. You have full control over the tour, or you can grant control to others, including the microphones. This ensures optimal quality and speed for everyone during the tour, even as you move around. Moreover, you can host multiple conference rooms simultaneously, each with multiple participants, allowing you to create truly amazing and immersive events within your 3D Gallery.

Can we advertise on Artmonad?

Experience the power of our exclusive Featured Artworks! Elevate your art to new heights by showcasing it on prominent 3D Walls, strategically placed throughout the immersive common space (coming soon).

Selecting the artworks you want to feature is an effortless process, achieved with just one click from your dashboard. With unparalleled exposure, your masterpieces will captivate a wider audience, driving more interest and potential sales. Don’t miss this opportunity to take center stage and expand your reach in the world of art. Upgrade to the Featured Feature now and let your creativity shine!

How the artist get paid?

Upon the order status update, the amounts for orders that are under processing status will be disbursed automatically to the artists. We have set up the withdrawal feature to disburse payments to each artist as quickly as possible. Additionally, we support a reverse withdrawal mechanism, which allows the artist to pay commissions if necessary.

How the artist refund a buyer?

With Artmonad, you can easily configure how to refund from your Gallery. For example, it allows you to check if your refunds are auto-approved and use the threshold number of days for permissible refund, or you can simply set them up manually.

How the artist check all the Art gallery transactions?

Artist Ledger Book gives you the most easiest way to check all you Art gallery transactions – commission, withdrawal, refund, partial-refund and charges, you can avail this from your dashboard.

How the artist manage inquiries from collectors?

Artmonad engages collectors to raise enquiry under each Artwork. Artists will be notified instantly for a new query and all previous enquiries will be also listed as FAQ. The entire system is prompted in your dashboard (as usual) and it serves as a direct mechanism of communication between Collectors and Artists.

Can artists define their own policies?

You can now define all types of policies for your gallery and artworks directly from your dashboard, thus reducing the hassle and delays to a great extent.

Can we set open/closing hours on the 3D Gallery?

Yes, Artmonad dashboard manager allows the artists to set their Gallery’s open and closing hours. They may also set week off days using this feature.This may be use for guided tour availability.

Can we set the number of closing days?

This will allow the Artists to keep their online Art Gallery closed for a certain span of time. So, Artists can easily get closed and enjoy their vacation (just an example).

Can we have reviews on a 3D Gallery?

You can now configure the review settings as to manage the reviews given for your 3D Art Gallery.

How artists manage their shipping?

This feature allows you to setup your shipping management system for your 3D gallery. You can now configure the shipping options by Country, Zone or Weight directly from your dashboard exactly like a performing E-commerce.

Can collectors track the shipping?

Artists will have the option of adding tracking code & URL for their sold artwoks and mark them as shipped, similarly, on receipt customer can mark them as received. Artists can mark their order completed. The collector will be able access it through his online account.

Can the artist manage his own deliveries?

Artmonad dashboard manager will allow you to manage your artworks delivery by your own delivery team, thereby enabling you to add unlimited number of delivery persons, assign a delivery person to an order, and get instant delivery notifications in the frontend…

Can the artist add more information to his artwork?

Artmonad allows the artists to add more info in the "Additional information tab" of any artwork. From the dashboard it is call  "attributes". Example of attributs: Collection, Dimension, Dominant color, Eras, Exhibitions, Medium, Project... Anybody from the artist’s team can do it. Artmonad allows all these features from the dashboard to makes it easy for the Artists and Collectors. You no longer require extensive technical expertise to do it.

Can an artist exhibit an artwork in more than one 3D Gallery?

Artmonad dashboard manager allows the Art Gallery owner to allocate a particular artwork to 2 or more 3D Art galleries for selling thus ensuring more sales. This is perfect for 3D Art galleries managed by gallerists and multiple artists with individual 3D galleries for each one of them.

Can we perform SEO for the 3D Gallery?

Artists can configure the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their gallery individually by placing the appropriate keywords from their dashboard. Any assistant can do it, you do not need to be tech savvy.

Can an artist have a blog on a 3D art gallery?

Articles for each individual Art Gallery can be published by the Artists directly from their dashboard. This ensures more authenticity and better representation for the Artist and their Artworks.

Can an artists create coupons for their own marketing?

Artists can configure and generate coupons for their store from their dashboard any time (no delay). They can proceed to edit: the discount type, the coupon amount, expiration date, shipping free, minimum/maximum spent, individual use (ensure this coupon is not used with other coupons), exclude other type of sale, or categories, usage limit per coupon per number of artworks or per users, even email restriction of the Collector billing email targeted.

Can the media files be managed by the artist?

Artists will be able to manage their media files from their dashboard editor and thus can easily configure them as per requirement without accessing another software. They can manage functions like Crop, rotate, flip, size, alternative text, caption, description. This is very valuable for Search engine optimization and be list your artworks in google image.

Is it possible to exhibit in cataog mode certain artworks?

You can showcase your artworks without allowing purchases. With this feature, you may want to create a buzz around your brand, or highlight a “must-have” as a commission to invite potential collectors to reach out for a quote. You can list your artworks in catalog mode directly from the dashboard very easily. You may hide “Add to Cart” and “Price” for these Artwork it will automatically list them in Catalog Mode, you don’t have to do anything else. The artwork will be listed as per your setup and additionally “Ask A Question” button will be added. So you can engage a conversation with the collector.

Is there any support tickets for collectors?

The Support Ticket System for Collectors allows them to post their queries. They simply have to choose the query category or the specific artwork. Collectors can set the urgency, and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a ticket, and will be notified when a reply is posted from you. The process, as is evident, becomes much easier and faster than by email and Collectors will apreciate this type of followup.

Can an artist create his/her own badge for recognition and validation?

You can now enjoy the feasibility to be assign any type of custom badges upon request. Your key to creative recognition and validation.

Is there any live chat?

Artmonad engages Collectors – Artists spontaneous communication and hence helps to respond to the queries of the customer faster and drive more sales. Collectors can go for an extraordinary guided tour or use our Regular Live Chat also available through each artwork page, or ask from the live chat to have a guided tour... Everything is possible.

How the collector get his invoice?

Artists can process their invoices for each Collector and can also configure the invoice slip as per requirement in advance. The collector will have access to his invoice though his own account and will be notify by email.

Can the artist edit in Bulk?

It’s always a painful job to edit the whole Artworks when they are almost the same (like series) and update only small changes, specially when you are looking to update stock or sales prices. Artmonad bulk & quick edit will ease up the burdens from you, guaranteed!

Can we manage stock in Bulk?

Now you can change and update all your artwork stock at a single click, no need of updating the stock one-by-one when you propose limited editions.

Can Artworks info be imported/exported?

Artmonad provides inbuilt Artwork importer / exporter for your Art Gallery. Artists will be able to export their artworks (or import) to their Art gallery directly from dashboard.

Can the artist be notify for some activities?

Artists can set all notifications they want from their Art gallery activities. You are in control.

Can artists make an announcement to the community (to all galleries)?

You will have a full feature "announcement board" wherein one can see all the activities performed. This can be even used as Art Gallery forum and Artists can reply against an announcement (between artists & gallerists).

Is there any knowledge base available?

It’s very difficult to inform all Artists about every thing they need to know over mail or chat. Artmonad will give you in-build knowledge base for your Art Gallery set-up. In any case you don’t find the instructions you need we will assist you directly by video chat or screen sharing.

Can artists manage different level of access for the staff?

You can easily manage the capabilities of different users, like for your staff and manager. This allows you to have complete authority over the gallery and filter the access per users. Possibly the biggest power you will have is to create a group and assign different rules to them, you can also add managers and staff for your stores and allocate them set of tasks as required.

Can artists different emails for different notifications?

You can now configure your preferred email address for different email notifications via email settings provided by Artmonad, it gives you this powerful options from your dashboard.

Is there any booking calendar for appointments?

Artmonad Appointment is exclusively integrated in your dashboard, it’s fully multi-collectors compatible even at Resource and Staff level. Artists will have their own Booking calendar where they can create manual bookings as well.

Is it possible to organize auctions?

Very soon you will have Auctions available. Artists will have their own detailed auction dashboard to check their auctions for the artwork they have selected.

Can the 3D Gallery be multilingual?

Very soon, you are going to have the most exclusive multilingual integration. With Artmonad, you will have the power of creating multi-lingual Artwork listings from your dashboard, this is really unique.

Can artist bundle artworks?

Artmonad will allow you to Bundle your Artworks and sell them right away, all from your gallery dashboard.

Can artist Composite Chained Artworks?

One of the most complex and advanced artwork types is Composite Chained Artworks. You can now create all these from your dashboard.

Is there any analytics available for the artist?

Analytics is the most important key for your marketing strategies, and we understand that. Beside advanced sales reports you will also have Gallery and Artwork analytics which will help you to plan your sales strategy.


Beside all these first 42  FAQ, you will have many more cool features to explain, like screen manager, profile manager, table rate shipping, withdrawal request etc. Our commitment to innovation means that there may be more features available that are not listed here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific requirements, we may have it available already, as we are always open to further enhancing Artmonad with new functionalities that cater to our users’ needs.